Thursday, July 21

My first table makeover!

My first table makeover is about to be revealed!  I was so excited when I found this sad, ucky brown table, that was crying to be loved.  I brought it home to my garage and gave it a quick sanding and bath of kilz

My wonderful and amazing cousin, Alyssa, suggested a very pretty, sea mist gray with a hint of lavender called, "Bay Fog",  for a fresh new look.  Well, unfortunately, my local Walmart does not carry the Kilz line of paint anymore (How dare they!)  However, I did find a wonderful, new, 2-in-1 paint by the Glidden Brilliance Collection, which I absolutely love.  The color is called, "Amethyst Haze".  While the 2nd coat was drying, a moth landed right on top of the table!  It left tracks and got stuck which was really gross!  I set it free, and the next day, I had to do some sanding.  Well, that sour experience gave me a wonderful lemonade idea.  I ended up sanding all over and now the new gal looks like a shabby chic gem! 
Her name, "Ooh La La Lavender By the Sea."

I had so much fun with my first makeover and I am looking forward to doing more.

Monday, July 18

Hand sewn toy friend

My daughter said that her toy dog, Myrtle Beach, needs a friend.  So, while browsing the craft section at our local Walmart, she picked out a small swatch of fabric.  (Dog print of course, for this canine loving gal!)  She also picked out a small package of little buttons to use for eyes and a nose.
When we got home, I just traced  a small paper template of what we wanted to use on the reverse side of the fabric with a pencil.  I did this twice so that we would have the front and back of the friend.  Next, I cut them out and then pinned them together inside out and hand stitched along the pencil tracing (leave the top or bottom open to stuff with fluff).  After stitching, I turned it right side in, and had little hands stuff to liking.  I had to use the handle of a teaspoon to get the arms and legs just right before stuffing, and then while stuffing.  Once the little guy was just right, I stitched the opening closed and used a hot glue gun to stick on the eyes and nose.  When he was completed, guess what she named him?   Watermelon.

Sunday, July 10

I Heart New England: Martha's Vineyard (Part I)!

I Love this blog!

I Heart New England: Martha's Vineyard (Part I)!: "'Afternoon, everyone! As promised, today I'll be showing you the first half of the photographs of my trip to Martha's Vineyard! Hope you en..."

Wednesday, July 6

WannaBeBostonBees in North Carolina!

My very dear friend, Elizabeth, whom I adore, has the most beautiful flowers in front of her house.  There are just dozens of bumblebees buzzing about collecting sweet nectar! 
Her beautiful garden flowers with a pretty milk glass bowl of yummy fruit.

Friday, July 1

Gram's bistro chairs get a makeover!

My mom's pine green bistro chairs have been looking pretty sad lately...tattered and a bit rusty.  I believe she acquired these over 10 years ago,  hand-me-downs from someone whose name shall not be mentioned for security reasons (ah hem...big brother from FL.)
These are screaming for some TLC!
After a wire brush aggressively attacked them, my niece kindly rescued and comforted them with the base Rustoleum primer and then I finished up with the final coats of Rustoleum color of Gram's choice.
Voila!  A new bistro set  minus the table---not exactly sure how to salvage Mater with the glass top just yet.


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