Monday, April 15

Spring A Ling

Happy Spring Y'all! 

I've been a busy bee weeding and gardening at Gram's, and building my very own garden at home. I FIGured that I will give my non-green thumb a chance.  I can bake and cook, but everything I try to grow either gets eaten, swiped by critters, or just turns brown. 
So, voila!  Here is my attempt at gardening...

I'm hoping for a healthy harvest of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and basil.
The little blue pot is mini bee's attempt to grow cilantro.

Some of my homeschooling peeps gave me this kiddie pool gardening idea:

Simply drill holes at the bottom of one of those cheap plastic swimming pools for drainage and use as your huge gardening box.  I filled ours with Organic Miracle Grow mix and compost.
We put strawberry plants in it.  We can keep a close eye on everything since it's close to the house.
Any  critters coming near our gardens will be toast!
Hoping you get outdoors and enjoy Spring!


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