Monday, February 13

Rice Fun Sensory Box

We recently had indoor fun making some new projects with rice.  Sensory boxes!

This is our "Under the Sea" box.  White rice was turned aqua blue for some indoor agua fun!
For accessories, I simply added whatever I could find around the house:  tiny mermaid toys, pretty glass stones, shells, and a fake aquarium plant.

This Valentine box has some cute dollar Valentine items and some red gadgets from around the house:  measuring cups, mini Barbie puppies, and dollhouse chairs.

She said, "what a bunch of lovely things to play with!"
She gave me all her love in the mailbox most of the afternoon.   ;)
These wonderful ideas come from my new favorite blog that I am following, Pink and Green Mama.
I adore her and all the amazing ideas she has to share. 
(click here for the directions for the sensory box)


Friday, February 3

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

It's a beautiful day!  Another amazingly perfect day to spend outside swinging on a hammock and listening to sweet tunes played on the harmonica by my sweet love.  She's pretty good! 

It was just breezy enough for her to fly a kite.

Wednesday, February 1

Pool Party in Winter Weather

This unpredictable weather has been awesome!  It felt like spring as we enjoyed some fun in the sun with a picnic and a pool party.

 This was a puppy pool party for this doggie loving gal because there were no Barbies in this Barbie pool.

I wonder if we will get any snow so that we can try out our new Christmas sled. 
For now, we are just going to enjoy this short-sleeve, capri-wearing weather.


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