Wednesday, February 1

Pool Party in Winter Weather

This unpredictable weather has been awesome!  It felt like spring as we enjoyed some fun in the sun with a picnic and a pool party.

 This was a puppy pool party for this doggie loving gal because there were no Barbies in this Barbie pool.

I wonder if we will get any snow so that we can try out our new Christmas sled. 
For now, we are just going to enjoy this short-sleeve, capri-wearing weather.


  1. Yes it's lovely here today too, we've got all of our windows open and the girls are enjoying a bit of backyard play!

    Pink and Green Mama

  2. It was beautiful here too~ sunny & 60's. We played on the swingset after school...and then we had a passing rain shower spoil our fun. Oh well...better than last winter in New England!!

  3. Oops...meant to say "sunny & 50's"!! ;)


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