Wednesday, July 3

Oh My Stars!

Blueberry stars that is!  These blueberries are from my local market and they are just awesome. Incredibly huge. Ginormous!  Is that even a word?
Well, it should be. 

I don't ever recall picking blueberries this size--in my life.

When I was a kid, we picked wild blueberries in New Hampshire after climbing Mt. Major.  In MA, I remember how I had to climb under nets (that kept the birds away) just to get near my Grandpa while he picked the berries which happily ended up in Nana's jam.  I have a dilemma.  Do I make my Nana's muffins?  Or shall I try my own hand at scones?  Or perhaps a jam to store away for my baby bee?  I have a feeling that I won't have my mind made up and these are going, going, gone.
Enjoy The Blue Stars This July

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