Sunday, May 22

Lazy Sunday

Who ever said Sundays are lazy must not have included me for today!  We are starting off with Lily's favorite breakfast--homemade chocolate chip pancakes, and will then have to rush off to the local fairgrounds to see "Fur in Flight", a performance of her favorite animals in the world...dogs of course!  Her first word was dog.  I clearly remember when she was only about 16 months old, she would scream, "doe-doe!" everytime she saw a little canine friend and hit her little thigh with her tiny hand (the dog sign in sign language).  Last year we bought her a souvenir tie-dyed t-shirt bearing the awesome, frisbee catching, K-9 champions, "Harley and Spencer", if I can remember correctly?   She was swimming in that shirt, it was so big!  That shirt is now faded and outgrown due her daily wear.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to finally get her a new one this year and a few backup ones to help keep me out of the laundry room daily :)


  1. It looks awesome!! Yay!! Fur in flight sounds like a fun time! Will would have loved it! Go Lily! Bow-wow! xoAly

  2. She was in her glory seeing all the dogs. She saw Harley and Spencer again. Her favorite part of the event was meeting her new friend Hizer--a wire haired Jack Russell. He diverted from the ring and visted us on the picnic blanket a few times. He wanted to come home with us ;)


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