Monday, October 24


We used some vintage mason jars to make our own jack-o-lanterns by sticking painter's tape cut into triangles for the faces.
Paint one coat of orange acrylic craft paint.

Let the paint dry a little bit and then peel off the tape before it is completely dried.
I waited until it was completely dry and when I peeled the tape off, the paint peeled off a bit so I had to use an exacto knife to trace the shapes before completely removing them.  Let them dry several hours or overnight.

Halloween Jarkins 
(That's what my daughter named them.)
We are going to use battery operated tea lights in ours for safety.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Too funny - we did this too! My son & I painted little votive holders, peeled off the tape, and displayed them in our dining room. Great minds think alike!! I can't remember where I got the idea from...


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