Monday, December 5

Christmas Time

We decorated our Christmas tree weeks ago which was a bit early. I don't mind as my daughter is now 5 and she totally understands how important this wonderful holiday is.  It was recently "J" week at her preschool and we sang in the car on the way to school, "Joy to the World".
She melted my heart when she said, "Jesus is a wonderful 'J' word!"

I am really cherishing handmade ornaments more than ever.  When my baby was only two, she made this little tree ornament from popsicle sticks.  Why the "B"?   That was her favorite letter and she decided that she wanted one on her tree. 

Ever since I can remember, her favorite color was purple.  Right before she turned 5, she discovered the cartoon, "Olivia" who wears red.  Her new favorite color is red.  I think it is so awesome to love such a bright Christmas color!  I am really digging it too.  I ordered myself a few winter items from the bean that are red.  I really wish I could order these:

Due to allergies, we will have to wait.  Hopefully we won't have to wait too long.

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