Sunday, September 30

I've Been Going Nut-Free Nutty!

The summer has come and gone, and I deeply apologize for not updating my blog the past few months.  I do not have enough words to accurately describe the stressful feeling inside me as I have been preparing the love of my life to experience the joys of kindergarten.  I thank heaven that I discovered the The Nut-Free Mom Blog, which, to me, has been holding my hand on this journey.  She has been my go-to source of information, as she truly understands the fear of having a child with a life-threatening food allergy.  I have had no experience as far as what to expect from a public school regarding the safety issue in this matter.  I have been homeschooling for the past 5 years, in a dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free bubble and stepping out of our safety/comfort zone has been sheer terror.  Sure, there is a nut-free table in the cafeteria/dining room, but that doesn't sugar coat the fact that some parents send their kids whatever they want for lunch---PB & J.  It seems like to be a staple in every kids diet.  How about splurging on some sunflower seed butter?  It looks like peanut butter, it's delicious, and it's healthy.  I would not recommend soy nut butter or almond butter.  As a peanut-butter thing lover, I am proud to report that I have been very pleased to eat a whopping spoon of this fine substitute right out of the jar.  I even made AWESOME peanut-free peanut butter cups a long time ago, but since I ate them all (my child must be insane not to like them) I thought it was in the best interest of my rear end that I didn't immediately make another batch knowing full well that I would be the only nut to devour them all.  It seems to me that I am way over due to make more.   So, I will just save the cheap, nasty-tasting soy nut butter for the following traditional project that every kid should be able to make:

(What a tongue twister.  Say that 10 times!)
With a big sigh, I can honestly say that I now feel comfortable, as my mini-me is in a school that provides excellent care.  So far, there is a never ending stress of safety being the first priority for children, and curriculum is second.  (Whew! Take a deep breath, Mama.) I have been impressed with the school so far, but my child is disappointed.  She complains (in so many words) that she is not being mentally challenged enough.  Perhaps homeschooling should be my top priority?  We'll see.  I have been extremely busy focusing on so many other family and business issues in life that the idea of having to add homeschooling to my never ending to-do list has a good chance of sending me to a loonie bin, which I never would have expected.  I LOVE my child and I deeply miss her, everyday as I leave her walking the intimidating, long and endless halls of elementary school, as if from a horror film.  The entire staff is wonderful, so as I drive away, sobbing and wiping my eyes so I don't veer off the road, I remind myself that she is smart and I prefer that she continue her education in the Homeschool of Mama, but I must let her experience fun in kindergarten, at least for a little while.

As I close this post, I will say that it has been relatively easy to go nutty with so many issues on my plate, but I have remained amazingly strong...just the way I like my coffee. 

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