Sunday, October 21

Remember my love of lemons?  I am not talking about making lemonade, but rather, my cousin's yummy lemon poppy bread, and using a fabulous, lemon cream lotion that smells scrumptious and it makes my hands feel AMAZING.  I am constantly washing my hands (since having a child with severe food allergies makes me paranoid about germs and any cross contamination.)  My hands feel like they have been through winter, even in the summer time.  J.R. Watkins hand & body lotions to the rescue!  They are pure heaven to my hands:  Lemon Cream, Mango, Vanilla, Lavender, Grapefruit and more.
Well, I like I said before, I must be living under a rock.  I am thrilled to have discovered these lotions and you can buy them directly from J.R. Watkins online.  They are on the OCTOBER SPECIALs for $8.99 USD each.  Just click on the J.R. Watkins button on the right and use my id#397395 when ordering.  These products are wonderfully yummy folks. The natural body care smells divine and the natural extracts & gourmet spices are fantastic.  My ultimate favorite: Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract.   I use it in just about everything I bake...including my pancakes :) 
Be sure to click on the Monthly Specials to take advantage of the other goodies before Halloween! 
Sale ends October 31st.  NO TRICKS!  JUST TREATS!

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