Wednesday, February 20

My Valentine, My Love

The month of February is a friendly reminder to express your love to your family and friends.  It is also a month to create heart themed crafts and recipes! 

Here are a few of the things we have been up to:
Journals:  handmade with paper, ribbons, and love
Handmade Valentine's

Heart shaped paper chains or wreaths

Heart Shaped Bacon for Daddy
We also made heart shaped pancakes (chocolate chip!) which are always a hit.  As for candy, it would have been fun to have the little conversation hearts, but all brands had the peanut/tree nut warnings on them, as well as every other bag of chocolate on the market.  So, we opted to buy a huge bag of red, strawberry, licorice which wasn't really a winner in this house.  My little one prefers her peanut/tree nut free dark chocolates which we special order from time to time from Vermont Nut Free.  Pricey, but worth every cent.  As for Mama, little handwritten notes from my love melt my heart.  I enjoy reading them with my morning coffee.

Espresso Your Love!


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