Sunday, April 15

Cocoa Powder Room

We have our house up for sale and I figured perhaps that "TinkerBell Green" is not a safe color for a downstairs powder room.  This picture makes it look like a nice, soft and soothing green.

Do not be fooled by such trick lighting, as it really looks bright green.  It is almost flourescent and quite alarming when one's eyes get a glance at it while passing by the lu.
I figured neutral color would be safer.  So, it is now a softer shade of cocoa.  It seems rather pleasing to the eye now.

My daughter calls it, "boring brown".  The actual name is "Aviary Nest", from the Earth Collection by Freshairechoice paint that I am in love with since it has no VOCs.  I think a nice basket to house rolls of tissue add a nice touch.  Would a little round nest with some aqua, egg-shaped soaps be too much?

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