Sunday, April 15

Four Oh Birthday Weekend

I celebrated my birthday at home this past weekend with my family.  It was heart warming to receive a gift from my 5 year old.  She picked these dainty flowers from our yard and wrapped them scotch tape.  They just make my heart giggle every time I look at them!  What is the fascination with roll after roll of this flat, translucent, sticky, paper-like ribbon that adheres to just about everything?
I love it!

We had a family brunch of my favorite artery clogging breakfast foods:  eggs, bacon, hash brown potatoes, and coffee.  I drank my gluten-free greens to cancel them out.  Later that evening, Grammy and Grampy babysat while my hubbie took me out to my favorite restaurant, "The Prickly Pear", which serves modern Mexican cuisine.  We started out with fresh guacamole, which was made at our table, served with fresh multi-colored corn chips.  It is my favorite!  I would have had it as my main meal, if it wasn't for the grilled salmon quesadilla that was topped with cilantro pesto.  Everything on the menu is fantastic.  I highly suggest a visit here if one ever visits Mooresville, NC. 
We celebrated with dessert at home with a decadent, chocolate, triple layer birthday cake from La Patisserie.
We had to share it with the entire family.   
I promise to run another 5K this month to wipe out that cake!

A few days ago, I finished reading my daughter her first chapter book.

It is my favorite book.  I still own my copy from childhood.  It has been 60 years since Elwyn Brooks White wrote this wonderful story.  I was so excited to read it to my little girl, and the fact that she liked made me shed a tear.  For the finale of my big day, we all watched the newer movie together.  It is not exactly like the classic movie I remember, but still it is a very beautiful story.  It gives me a new fondness for spiders.  
I had a blessed 40th birthday.

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  1. Happy number 4 zero again!!! I'm still compiling your package!!! I'm determined to get it mailed by Christmas!!!! Blah, blah...It's coming! It's coming! Love that you shared Charlotte's Web with Lily! 'Some Pig' Love the book and the older version of the movie too! Such a classic! Funny, I always thought you were so much older when we were growing up! Who would've thunk it! You're only 40!!! Love ya! Boston Bee


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