Monday, April 9

A Tie Dyed Easter!

We have been very busy spring cleaning for showings and I am sorry that I have neglected my blog.  We had a bit of fun on Easter Sunday.  We colored our eggs to look tie dyed!

It was very easy and quick!  The idea is from Family Fun magazine, refreshed by Pink and Green Mama.
Why not color eggs for any occasion?  How about a spring brunch?  The colors just pop so nicely on a white plate.  How about a milk glass cake plate?  I am very excited and hope to win one this week that I am bidding on ebay.  It's not just for for cakes.  I am thinking it will cradle gorgeous, colorful fruit to sketch and then house cupcakes for a day.  Who doesn't love an adorably decorated cupcake, or muffins and scones?  Oh goodness.  I am getting the munchies for breakfast goodies and a steaming cup of coffee to accompany a plate of freshly baked pastries.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter.
Happy Spring!

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