Friday, June 10

My Brown Paper Bag Art

Keep in mind, we did this a few years ago when Lily was nearly three.  It may be a little abstract and modern for my taste, but we had fun with the experiment and I will always cherish this loving, family moment.  I had slight problems getting clear pictures without glares...the staircase banisters look somewhat embedded in the shot.  I apologize in advance.
The first picture is a close-up of my contribution:  I love earthy, rustic, coral tones...although this picture appears to be red, it is not.
Next up, Lily's art!  She loves the color purple.  For just about anything, she will use purple paint, purple crayons, purple markers, purple playdoh...
I love the lavender, which inspired the matte you will see in the final picture.

The last piece was done by my husband.  A sweet contribution to honor Lily's love of dogs.
And now for the grand finale...(drum roll please...)

This family piece of artwork is proudly hung in our dining area.  It definitely creates conversations with our guests.  They are shocked and amazed when we tell them about how it was made.

I would love for us to do another piece, preferably with pastels and more of a soothing, beach theme.  Lily is warming up to the idea of using the other colors of the rainbow.
I hope you have fun and try the paper bag project.  Please share pictures!  I would love to see what you create with it. 

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  1. That is SOOOO awesome! What a great idea! I LOVE it! Think, if you lived closer, we could go to art class at the Art Museum with Lil and Will~Okay, done crying! -lol!
    Not sure if that is 8 oz., looks more like 20oz., huh?lol!


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