Thursday, June 2

Myrtle Beach

After moving to NC from California, I have not been to a beach in nearly seven years.  I have been longing to take my daughter to a beach other than her huge sandbox in our backyard.  A few days ago, we finally took a mini-vacation to Myrtle Beach.  It was about a four hour drive, and it was well worth it.  Breathing in the warm, salty air reminded me of my childhood spent in South Florida at the beaches on weekends.  Listening to the gentle crashing sound of the waves coming to the shore and feeling the sand roll from beneath my feet as the water drifted back out to sea was amazingly soothing. 
Lily loved jumping in the waves while she held my hand (a precious mom moment for me).  She was very excited to find "shells" which were any broken bits of shell or coral.  After each wave returned to sea, we saw minuscule clams quickly dig their way back under the sand and it was hilarious!  I have never seen anything like it.  Lily was very sad when we got home.  Her tears melted my heart and I simply lifted her spirits by explaining that we will be visiting a much nicer beach very soon.  We are looking forward to another peaceful vacation soon, hopefully at the outer banks of North Carolina and we will work our way up to Mass. and Maine this summer.  ;)


  1. Did I read what I thought I read???!!!! You better get your biscuits up here! xo

  2. I remember the first time we took our daughter to the beach. She was terrified of the waves at first, but she loved them. Now she adores the beach and loves to play in the surf. Looks like another beach fan has been born. Love your shabby chic pillows too.


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