Thursday, June 30

Shabby makeover

Ok, my house is up for sale, so I have to keep it all neutral (fancy word for bland).  This is my boring boudoir.

In the meantime, who says I can't do a makeover so my bedroom doesn't look so blah?  Well, I did!  I found some really pretty shabby chic sheets and duvet cover with shams to spruce it up a bit.  The patterns are my favorites...hydrangeas and roses!   I love aqua, sage green, and pink.
(I apologize for not having ironed them...they are a bit wrinkley.)

My Lily Rose liked everything so much that I surprised her with the same mini rose sheet set for her own room.  They match her existing pink/mauve duvet perfectly and she loves it.  The king sized pillows look so pretty when used as bumpers in her room to keep her from falling out of her bed!
Now, if only I can paint on the nice palette/walls...
maybe next time.


  1. Yes, stage your home!! You can add more! Go for it!!! ;) I love what you did! Go Rachel Ray!!!

  2. Rachel Ray who the heck am I talking about??? I meant Rachel Ashwell! pbbbtttt!


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